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Quite a few years ago I got the bug. Ok well “bugs”. Two packages of honey bees delivered to me by a newly made friend and beekeeper. This beekeeper couldn’t stay as he had a previously made appointment so there I was left all alone to install my first two packages of bees.

I had taken a short course from a bee club, but the course was only class time, not field work, so I wasn’t really prepared for this. I’m actually working with real live STINGING insects! I’m intentionally shaking them into a box and ticking them off!

All in all it was anticlimactic. I called a friend to come at least stand with me while I installed the packages and 911 was already dialed in case I needed to push “send” in order to make the call. You see I had never worked with bees before and this was the first time.

Years later, bees have become my passion. I love everything about them from making new hives, to grafting queens, to extracting honey to scoping out new places that could provide a buffet of forage and then working with the land owner to find just the right spot for a beehive.

I also love talking with beekeepers and try to encourage them to keep bees in the best way possible. Urban Honey Bee satiates all these passions under one single business model. We are essentially a one stop shop!

Whether you are interested in starting beekeeping, to buying equipment, to purchasing queens, nucs, or if you just want to try some fresh local honey, Urban Honey Bee would love to help.

If you are a business and would like to host bees on your property we can do an assessment of available forage as well as safety for your patrons. If appropriate we will locate a hive on your property. Additionally we will work with the business owner to develop a label for the honey so all honey sales will have the name of the business predominately displayed on the label. This provides advertising for your business as well as lets consumers know where there food comes from.

Give us a call, we would be happy to bee of assistance 330.608.3778

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