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Northern Queens – Queen Bees are the heartbeat of the hive. The queen bee contains all the genetics and her fertility can determine the longevity of the entire colony. A well mated northern queen produces more bees for a longer period of time than a poorly mated queen.

Additionally if you change the queen and you can change the characteristics of the bee hive.

When you purchase a northern queen bee from Urban Honey Bee you get a queen bee that:

1. has been bred from Norhteastern Ohio survivior stock.
2. has a proven laying pattern.
3. is gentle
4. is marked.
5. has not been banked.
6. is shipped in a JZ BZ plastic queen cage.

Urban Honey Bee believes in well mated survivor stock. We produce northern queen bees from overwintered stock, queens with an excellent laying pattern that has been analyzed for at least two weeks. Urban Honey Bee also believes in producing bees with a good temperament. Angry / aggressive queens are not tolerated!

Urban Honey Bee also believes in marking queens according to the International Queen Marking Color Code. By using marked queens, a beekeeper can gauge the age of the queen, determine if the queen has been accepted, or even if she has swarmed.

Northern Queen Bees Sizes
Relative Size of Honey Queen Bee

Northern Queen Bees Sizes Rearing of Northern Queen Bees Marked Northern Queen Bee Northern Queen Bee Ready For Shipping
Urban Honey Bee also believes in not banking of Queens. Please refer to Susan Cobey’s research on banking Queens. The practice of banking Queens may explain why many Queens from packages are often superseded! As a result Urban Honey Bee will not ship Queens that have been banked.

All Northern Queens are shipped in JZ BZ plastic queen cages. We believe these cages are superior to the California or Benton cages because they give the queen a place to hide during the introduction period.

For a greater likely-hood of queen acceptance, please ensure your colony is queen less for at least 24 hours before queen introduction. Additionally, a frame of brood is helpful in determining success. Longer introduction periods of perhaps 5 days are best; therefore remove the plastic cap accordingly.

Urban Honey Bee is not responsible for queen introduction issues or beekeeper error. However, we are so proud of our Queens. If you are not satisfied please return her alive for a replacement or a full refund.

The availability of Northern Queens is typically the May through August time-frame and is weather dependent.

Give us a call, we would be happy to bee of assistance 330.608.3778

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