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"It's About The Bees"

At Urban Honey Bee “It’s about the bees!”

What that means is everything we do is in an effort to help honey bees become adapted and better survive the northern climates and other challenges they are facing.

Our core belief is that the future of beekeeping resides in healthy well-nourished local bee stock. Well-nourished bees are more resilient in fending off diseases and parasites. At Urban Honey Bee that is what we strive to do, each and every day.

Urban Honey Bees are hearty survivors of multi-year Northeastern Ohio winters. Our bees are placed throughout Northern Ohio in areas of good forage so that they are primarily fed nectar and pollen just as Mother Nature intended.

When you buy an Urban Honey Bee northern queen you can be assured her ancestors have survived Ohio winters, has been well nourished and her performance has been validated.

We also offer “High Quality Woodenware” (beekeeping equipment), with some assembly required. We will assemble it for you for a small charge and we offer paraffin wax dipping services that are reported to cause your wooden ware to last 15+ years without paint!

We also want you to succeed in your beekeeping because good beekeepers make good neighbors.

We no longer offer classes, as we are too busy in our own apiaries, but we do welcome you to join Laura in hers on her “Open Apiary Days”. These are free to you, but make no mistake, she will put you to work. And you will learn. More than you ever would in a classroom. Seeing a professional in her own hives doing her day to day activities, answering your questions, getting your hands in the bees is the very best way for you to become a great beekeeper. Check our face book page for the Open Apiary Day schedule or contact us and make an appointment!

We will always offer good friendly fair customer service. We do not rush our queens to ready, but we’ll do our best to help you get what you need and always make right.

Like the tag line says, it truly is all about the bees for us. We want to be the best, we want you to be the best, and everything else we do is in support of that.

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Give us a call, we would be happy to bee of assistance 330-807-5380 or 330.608.3778

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